Nat_flow: Workshops in the Natural Movement Training

This week, on Tuesday (August 8), Wednesday (August 9) and Friday (August 11), the Latvian partner in the Natural Movement: Move to Flow project held three seminars, which consisted of both theoretical training and practical lessons. In the first seminar, LSIIDP team trained 11 coaches whose task was to take the idea and training program of this project further to their students and athletes. LSIIDP team can be proud of strong and experienced coaches who directly wanted to supplement their knowledge and train their athletes in a more versatile way to achieve higher athletic results.
The very next day after the training of coaches, the experienced sprint kayak and canoe, as well as now basketball coach, Kristaps Zaļupe, continued the work on the dissemination of the project's training program. Kristaps Zaļupe is not only an experienced coach, but also a former professional in sprint kayak and a participant of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, ranking in the high 7th place. Kristaps has always differed from other coaches with his desire to grow, develop, improve and with his openness to the new. The program of the project "Natural movement: Move to Flow" is an innovation in Latvia, and the eight athletes who were trained in the natural movement exercises are clearly pioneers.
Kristaps was followed by Inese Dubulte, coach and deputy director of the Limbaži Regional Sports School, who was once one of the strongest decathletes in Latvia. Inese also trained 8 athletes.
Both coaches admitted that they are eager to receive the full description of the program in the Project Handbook, which is being developed by the project team led by the highly qualified sports science professor Celia Marcen. This Handbook will be available at the end of this year, just before the project finishes on December 31.

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SWOST: Project Final Conference: Promoting Gender Equality in Sport Organizations

Join us for the (Sport Without Stereotypes) Project's Final Conference, held alongside the prestigious Skillman International Forum 2023 (SIF) in Ogre, Latvia, on September 26-27, 2023. This conference, organised by the Ministry of Education and Science, showcases the achievements of, a groundbreaking Erasmus+ Sport project aimed at challenging gender stereotypes in sport organisations.

Discover the practices and quality self-assessment tool developed during the project's implementation. Connect with sport associations, stakeholders, and those interested in joining the affiliation program. This event provides a unique opportunity to test and learn from the results achieved by

The conference, led by the UEFA Foundation for Children, unites project partners, external stakeholders, public authorities, local sport clubs, associations, federations, young people, and the wider public. Through its extensive network, the UEFA Foundation for Children will select local participants from clubs, sport federations, and public authorities.

Engage in two sections of the conference: one for tool recipients and another for young people and project beneficiaries. The gathering welcomes 40 European partners and 140 local representatives. Alongside UEFA's involvement with grassroots sport associations and youth beneficiaries, several EU and non-EU partners active in sports, research, and NGOs have shown interest in the project.

Conference Objectives:
- Share project results and raise visibility at the EU level.
- Establish a network of decision-makers and stakeholders.
- Present intellectual outputs.
- Foster collaboration among participants.
- Engage youth organisations, education providers, sport organisations, and policymakers in informative debates.
- Share project outcomes.
- Reflect on the development and utilisation of intellectual outputs.
- Involve young project beneficiaries.

This interactive conference facilitates collaborative dialogue, knowledge sharing, and idea generation, fostering a vibrant network of conversation and action. Gain insights into the project, discuss new strategies and curricula in training and education, and contribute to shaping the future utilisation of project outcomes.

Participants from various target groups are welcome, including youth workers, representatives from youth associations, sport workers, coaches, learners in formal sport education, federations, Olympic committees, sport journalists, educators, and local, national, and European authorities involved in youth and sports.

Media Coverage:
All conference content will be published on the official website, with video recordings of key contributions.

Join us as we work together to promote gender equality and inclusivity in sport organisations.


SWOST: Transnational multiplier event, “Creating the EU network of sport clubs, federations and associations to promote gender awareness in sport”

Join us at the Project Final Conference in Ogre, Latvia
Discover groundbreaking strategies for promoting gender equality in sport organisations at the Project Final Conference. Don't miss this opportunity to network, learn, and drive positive change!

Be part of the Skillman International Forum 2023 in Ogre
The Project Final Conference is part of the prestigious Skillman International Forum. Join us in Riga to exchange ideas, explore innovative practices, and contribute to the future of sports.

Promoting Gender Equality in Sports: The Initiative
At the Project Final Conference, we aim to challenge gender stereotypes in sports organisations. Learn about our self-assessment tool and quality label, empowering organisations to create inclusive environments.

Inspiring Change: Test the Results Achieved by
Be inspired by the remarkable results achieved by the project. Test our self-assessment tool and experience firsthand how it can drive positive change and promote gender equality in sports.

Engage with Stakeholders and Experts in the Field
Connect with sport associations, local clubs, policymakers, and young leaders at the Project Final Conference. Engage in meaningful discussions, share best practices, and create new collaborations to advance the cause of gender equality in sports.

Empowering Young People through Sports
The Project Final Conference is dedicated to empowering young people through sports. Join us to explore how sports can break down gender stereotypes, foster inclusivity, and create opportunities for personal growth and development.

Driving Change Together: Be a Catalyst for Gender Equality
Together, we can be catalysts for change in the sports industry. Join us at the Project Final Conference to share your insights, ideas, and experiences. Let's create a more inclusive and equitable future for all athletes.

Connecting Education and Sports for Gender Equality
Discover the powerful intersection of education and sports at the Project Final Conference. Learn how schools, universities, and educational institutions can play a pivotal role in promoting gender equality in sports.

Celebrating Success: The Quality Label
Celebrate the achievements of organisations that have received the Quality Label for their commitment to gender equality. Gain insights from their experiences and learn how you can implement best practices in your own organisation.

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Publication of the "Training to Win" Project - in the Pages of the Magazine of the Olympic Committee of France

FOK zurnalsThe "Training to Win" project has left a lasting mark on the international sports arena - the publication on the development of BMX sports in Latvia, created by Sandija Zalupe, project managers of the Board of Directors of Sports Educational Institutions of Latvia (LSIIDP) and "Training to Win" project coordinator Celia Marcen from the Spanish BMX school "Zaragosa",  has been published in the Journal of the Olypmic Committee of France. LSIIDP, together with five other European organizations related to the field of sports and, specifically, cycling, has implemented the Erasmus+ Sports program project "Training to Win". Its purpose is to promote education in sports, paying special attention to the development of skills necessary in the sport of BMX and the training of coaches, in order to improve the sports career and the safety of young athletes. The project has developed an open-access training course for BMX coaches, riders, organizers, all interested parties involved in this sport in Latvia and throughout Europe. After a period of two and a half years, the project is now at the finish line.

The publication was prepared to continue the idea of the "Training to Win" project and at the request of Gilles Lecocq, vice-president of the French Pierre de Coubertin Committee, and published in the first edition of the 2023 annual magazine of the French Pierre de Coubertin Committee. The Pierre de Coubertin Committee of France, founded in 1950 under the name of the National Association for the Protection and Development of Sports, Physical Activities and Outdoors, is one of the French sports ethics committees. The journal of this committee is published twice a year. The vice-president of the committee, who is also a partner of LSIIDP in other Erasmus+ projects, translated the articles into French for publication.
The "Training to Win" project is co-funded by the European Union.
Information about the project can be found on the LSIIDP website here

Nat_flow: Online Partners Meeting 14 June, 2023

On the June 14, 2023 Erasmus+ Sport project "Natural Flow" partners had an intermediate online project meeting. The meeting agenda covered:
  • Current status of the project survey.
  • Current state of natural movements.
  • Preparation of the training workshops.
The first workshop video is prepared by the coordinator organization La Cristaleria in Spanish. It was agreed by the partners that the English version is provided within June by the coordinator, so that Serbian and Latvian partners can prepare the workshop videos in their national languages.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.