Participants of the "Training to Win" project meet in Palermo

BMX TM3 11 12.2022. MLOn October 11-12, the 3rd transnational meeting was held in the "Training to Win" project of the Erasmus + Sports program in Palermo, the capital of the Sicilian region. The project coordinator and partners have done serious work and are approaching the project result, creating a training course for BMX trainers, which will be an open educational resource, therefore available to all involved in this sport in Europe, including Latvia.

The project partners were hospitably received by the organization "CEIPES" (Italy). The participants were addressed by its president Musa Kirkars, project manager Sara Viviro introduced the organization's areas of activity and responsible employees.

After seeing and getting to know the CEIPES organization, the partners got to work. S.Viviro demonstrated the Moodle platform where the BMX coach training course will be launched, while the participants suggested how to improve and supplement it. Also, each participant gave an overview of what he had done in the development and translation of his course content. By the end of October, the training course in English will be uploaded to the platform. Translations into the languages ​​of the partner countries are still being worked on.

On October 27, each member state organizes the event " -“I International Conference on Professionalization in Minority Sports”" in order to share the intellectual result of the project - the developed training course - with a wide audience.

The BMX coach training course includes both theoretical content and practical lessons/training work, reflected in video and photo materials. Like the rest of the project participants, the Latvian team - the "driving force" Sandija Zaļupe, Renārs Auga, the BMX coach of the Children's and Youth Sports School in Smiltene, and Olafs Lakučs, the BMX coach of the Valmiera Children's Sports School, have never sat idly by. As a result of teamwork, such course topics as "BMX competition", "BMX season planning", "Improving starting technique" as well as a section on training methodology have been developed.

The aim of the project is to promote education in sports, paying special attention to the development of skills necessary in the sport of BMX and the training of coaches in order to improve the sports career and the safety of young athletes.

Project partners: CLUB BMX School - Zaragoza (Spain), Universidad San Jorge (Spain), Latvijas Sporta izglītības iestāžu Direktoru padome (Latvia), UVP - Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo (Portugal), CEIPES (Italy), SZC - Slovensky Zvaz Cyklistiky Cyklistiky (Slovaky), Malta Street Sports Association (Malta).

PHOTO of the 3rd transactional meeting of the "Training to Win" project

The project "BMX-Training to Win" is co-funded by the European Union.

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