BMX: The team of Latvia of the project “Training to Win” continues to work

1 35Although only the calendar tells about the beginning of the summer, not the weather outside the window, the Latvian team of the BMX project "Training to Win" continues to be active On May 27, during the meeting of LSIIDP representatives Sandija Zalupe and Līva Tauriņa, as well as Smiltene Children's and Youth Sports School coach Renārs Auga, the achievements of the project so far were discussed, as well as work on the development of the BMX coach training program was continued. Representatives from each Member State work on their own training program topics. Our team is responsible for "Improving the start-up technique", "BMX competitions" and "BMX season planning" and developing the training methodology.

The training program will serve as a guide for BMX trainers, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical solutions in photo and video format during training and competitions. The aim of the project is to promote education in sport, with a special focus on the development of the skills needed for BMX sport and the training of coaches to improve the safety of sporting careers and young athletes.

The project involves partners: the Board of Directors of Latvian Sports Education Institutions (Latvia), CLUB BMX School - Zaragoza (Spain), Universidad San Jorge (Spain), UVP - Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo (Portugal), CEIPES (Italy), SZC - Slovensky Zvaz Cyklistiky (Slovakia) and Malta Street Sports Association (Malta).

Project "Training to Win" is co-funded by European Union.


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