BMX: representatives of the BMX project "Training to Win" meet in Zaragoza

PHOTO 2022 04 22 18 37 11A few days ago, representatives of the Latvian team of the project “Training to Win” returned from the Spanish city of Zaragoza - LSIIDP project manager Sandija Zaļupe and Valmiera Sports School BMX coach Olafs Lakučs. The 2nd Transnational Meeting was held in Zaragoza, where the project partners - Zaragoza BMX School, Saint Jorge University, Portuguese Cycling Federation, International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development CEIPES (Italy), Slovak Cycling Association and Malta Street Sports Association - continued their work on BMX coach training program development. The program as an open education resource will be available to all those involved in BMX sports in Latvia and throughout Europe.

"On the first day, we got acquainted with the work of the sports science laboratory of the University of St. George. They have all the necessary resources - technical support, specialists, databases to conduct high-level research in the field of sports. These laboratories have also become part of our project research. After a visit to the university, a representative from each Member State presented the progress made in developing a training course for BMX trainers. In the course, the Latvian project team develops the topics “BMX competition” and “BMX season planning” and “Improvement of the start technique”, as well as creates a section on training methodology. Italy, for its part, will turn the materials and training program developed by the Member States into an online tool that is easy to read, easy to use and serves as a guide for trainers. On the second day of the meeting, we discussed the communication issues of the project, ”says S.Zaļupe.

"We - coaches - are more practitioners, but, of course, our work is unthinkable without a scientific theoretical basis. In the project, by developing a training course for BMX trainers, we invest our previous experience and knowledge and work together to prepare high-quality training material. The course will consist of 3 sections. The theoretical part will cover general topics such as sports psychology, pedagogy, anatomy and others. The content of the specific part is directly related to BMX sports - rules of the sport, technique, tactics. The third part is devoted to practical lessons, including photo and video materials,” points out O. Lakučs.

Thanks to the Spanish partners for hosting!

The project "Training to Win" is co-financed by the European Union.