BMX: "Training to Win" the team of Latvia goes to Zaragoza in Spain

DD5021E4 4C88 4979 8BE5 C6921E27B52A 1From April 20 to 23, part of the Latvian team of the project “Training To Win” - leader Sandija Zaļupe and BMX coach of Valmiera Sports School Olafs Lakučs - will go to the Spanish city of Zaragoza to meet with project partners and continue work on the development of the BMX trainer training program. This time, the coach of Smiltene Children and Youth Sports School Renārs Auga will not join the team, but his contribution to the development of the training program is invaluable.

It should be reminded that the Latvian side is working on such topics as “BMX season planning”, “BMX competitions”, “Improving the start technique”, as well as creating a section on training methodology. The training program is planned as an open education resource, so it is available to all those involved in this sport in Latvia and throughout Europe. It will be a guide for coaches, especially those who want to move from rider status to coach and have a wealth of practical experience, but need to supplement and strengthen the theoretical knowledge base in this sport.

The training course will include several sections, namely, the theory of general competencies in sports, specific content specifically required for BMX sports, and practice in which theoretical knowledge can be applied in practical training.

Several partners work together in the project - Lead Partner CLUB BMX School - Zaragoza, Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo, Universidad San Jorge, CEIPES (Italy), Slovenský zväz cyklistiky and Malta Street Sports Association.

The Training to Win project is co-financed by the European Union.

Information about the project in Latvian is available in the “Projects” section of the LSIIDP website here.

Information about the project in English is available on the website of the project “BMX - Training to Win”