BMX: TM2 online 20th - 21st January, 2022

 The transnational meeting No2 of the BMX project 'Training to Win', which was to take place in Zaragoza, Spain, took place online on 20 January. On the first day of the meeting, the project team evaluated the first year of the project, the Battery Test in Anadia, Portugal, in September, and discussed the future of the project for the remaining 18 months. Project partner Ceipes from Italy presented an online tool that will be implemented jointly by project partners from all six countries. LSIIDP at this project meeting was represented by LSIIDP Project Manager Sandija Zaļupe and Valmiera Sport School and BMX Club "Tālava" BMX coach Olafs Lakucs.

On the second day of the BMX project 'Training To Win', project participants split into groups, where project trainers from Latvia, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain and Malta worked more on the practical part of the thrid intellectual output, while project managers contributed to the development of the theoretical part of the training program of the third intellectual output 'BMX Training Course - Open Educational Resource'. This phase of the project will last from January to November this year.

It should be noted that the project team hopes to hold the second transnational meeting in Zaragoza face to face at the end of April.

The TM2 is memorized HERE.