BMX: Promotion of the Project Ambassadors 05.07.2021.

Since LSIIDP is closely participating with the Valmiera Children's Sport School, where one of the sports implemented is BMX, LSIIDP has good opportunities to appoint more than one or two BMX riders as the project's "Training to Win" ambassadors. The project team consequently consists of the LSIIDP Project Manager Sandija Zaļupe and three members of LSIIDP, who all are employees of Valmiera Children's Sport School: director of the sport school Līga Dzene, BMX coach Olafs Lakučs and another BMX coach Ivo Lakučs. Both coaches appointed the most appropriate BMX riders for the promotion of the project "Training to Win":
  • Līva Lizete Glāzere, a 17-year young BMX female Elite rider,
  • Edvards Glāzers, a 20-year young BMX male Elite rider,
  • Mikus Dāvids Strazdiņš, a 22-year young BMX male Elite rider,
  • Kristens Krīgers, a 24-year young BMX male Elite rider.
Their visit cards may be found HERE.

Hopefully all of the project ambassadors along with another 2-3 Latvian BMX riders will be able to participate in the Battery Test of the project that will be held in Portugal just after the European Cup 2021 of BMX.

Battery Test is the second Intellectual Output of the project that will be mainly managed by three project organizations: the main project partner BMX School Zaragoza from Spain, another serious organization of Spin Fundacion Universidad San Jorge and the Portuguese Federation.

The BMX Battery Test consists of three parts:
  • Part I: Physiological and biomechanical profile of BMX Rider.
    • Force/velocity profile.
    • Physiological profile.
    • Stabilometry assessment.
    • Biomechanics profile.
  • Part II: Psychosocial variables for BMX performance.
    • Motivation, stress control, mental skills, cohesion, resilience.
    • Riders environment analysis: life balance.
  • Part III: Coaching skills
    • Leadership.
    • Problem solving skills (applied to sport situations).
    • Athlete-Coach-Family relation management.
    • Professional development skills.