RSE: Development of the Brochure

All partners continue developing the brochure on sports during and after the pandemics caused by the Covid-19. The brochure consists of five main chapters commonly developed by all partners. Each chapter is managed by one of the partners:

Latvia - Sports During Pandemics
France - Sport Sector During Covid-19 Pandemics
Greece - Mental Well-being and Sports
Spain - Covid-19 Measures Regarding Sport Sector
Romania - Introductory and concluding sections, conclusions and recommendations.

Even though managed by one partner, each chapter of the brochure is supplemented by all four other partners. The brochure will show different aspects of the Sport Sector in five EU countries and impact of Covid-19 on five fields of sport.

It must be emphasized that when the project idea was developed and the proposal was evaluated in 2020, nobody was suspecting that the pandemic situation would last so long and would continue in the autumn of 2020. Therefore, taking into account that it still goes on, the project team is developing the brochure under current circumstances.

In addition, the activities - sport competitions gathering at least 160 people in each country, were held in conditions of the pandemic still going on rather than in a restarting regime. Yet, it is significant to mention that almost all the project partners have succeeded to implement the competition activities. Latvia did its activities through two remote competitions - running and cycling, and gathered 181 participant.