RSE: Opening conference in Latvia 23rd - 25th August 2021

Finally, the RSE project, with the main aim of relaunching the sports movement in the European Union after all restrictions, is holding an inaugural conference, originally scheduled for March. The conference will take place from August 23 to 25 in Sigulda, Latvia. The conference will be attended not only by the project consortium from all five member states - Romania, Greece, Spain, France, Latvia, but also by the Deputy State Secretary, Director of the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education and Science Edgars Severs and LSIIDP Board. The guest lecturer of the conference Eva Nolendorfa, Personnel Manager of Brabantia Ltd. Latvia will share her experience in promoting physical activities in the company also during the pandemic, observing all the restrictions set by the country.

The project consortium, in turn, will discuss the mobility dates and the teams represented and their composition, as well as the objectives to be achieved. A particularly important issue to be addressed will also be the dissemination activities of the project in order to reach not only the target audience mentioned in the project, but even a wider one, taking into account the multifaceted nature of the project consortium.

In order to promote cultural diversity and increase knowledge about the customs and cultural events of other countries, the project team will go on a tour of Sigulda City.

See the event in the gallery HERE.